About Kan I

Kan I International Corp., founded in 2004, is a professional bearing and filter manufacturer in Taiwan. Kan I Bearing Dept. focuses on supplying harmonic drive, precision miniature bearings, high-speed bearings, ceramic bearings, high temperature bearings, thin section bearings, self-aligning bearing, stainless steel bearings, angular contact bearings, needle bearings, linear rails and cross-roller bearings. Our products have been widely applied in various industries such as automatic and mechanical equipment, photovoltaic panel, semiconductor assembly and testing, robot industries, medical equipment and pump equipment...etc.

For Filtration & Separation Dept., customer can choose from our complete product lines including: PP pleated filter cartridges, PES pleated filter cartridges, PTFE pleated filter cartridges, NYLON pleated filter cartridges, disposable filter cartridges, String wounded filter cartridges, melt-blown filter cartridges, activated carbon filter cartridges, stainless steel filter cartridges and stainless steel filter housings. Our filtration and separation products have been used in the fields of Chemical Industries, Electronics, Microelectronics Industry, Biotechnology/Biopharmaceutical Industry, Food and Beverage Industries, Painting, Pigments, Coating Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Semiconductor Industry, Water Treatment…etc.

With more than a decade’s experience, we always satisfy customers with excellent quality products, competitive price and value added service based on new idea and method of operation. ISO9001:2015 certificate has been updated in 2020. The raw materials used are certified by RoHS and FDA compliant tested by SGS. We continuously engage in internal management and training in order to provide customers excellent technical skills and services. Upholding the integrity and fairness, our goal is to become an outstanding buiness partner in long-term cooperation and create an infinite future together.


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